Stonescape Design offers complete Brick and Stone Paver maintenance services. Our professional staff and crews can repair, seal, power-wash, clean, and maintain your pavers. Paver maintenance prolongs the life and appearance of brick. Our Stonescape Sealant will give brick the wet look, deepening the color and appearance. It creates a surface that is beautiful, durable and easy to clean. For more information, or a free estimate, please contact us.


Pavers not looking their best? We can help! Interlocking Concrete pavers, for the most part, resist deterioration of freezing and thawing cycles and deicing salts. Interlocking concrete pavers are a flexible system and allow for movement, they are almost indestructible, the pavement system moves in unison with the earth's usual tendency to swell and contract over the long term thus avoiding any serious damage.But sometimes through the effects of extreme freeze/thaw cycle, heavy rains or wear and tear due to vehicle traffic, bricks and brick pavers can settle, pop up, or separate.

Cleaning clean

We use the most powerful product available for removing dirt, grime or grease spots on paving stones and concrete, to restore their original appearance. Efflorescence cleaning uses a mild remover of masonry efflorescence, (white chalky powder found on concrete), cement scale and grout haze. Efflorescence Remover is a blend of acids, a surfactant and an anti-foaming agent. This combination reduces etching problems on delicate surfaces.

Sealant Application

Sealant penetrates deep into the pavement for maximum effectiveness and durability. It protects your paving stones against oil and dirt penetration, facilitating maintenance. It won't peel, discolor or make the pavement slippery. It resists oil products and calcium, and wears evenly. It enhances the original color of the pavement and dries to a satin finish. Sealant also can prevent weeds from germinating. Sealant is the best protection you can buy for your pavement.

The picture below is an example of how sealant could have helped prevent weeds.