Paver and stone maintenance prolongs the life and appearance of your product. Stonescape Design offers some recommendations to help your stone continue to be beautiful and durable.


Sealant Application

We recommend that your seal your brick pavers. The first seal should be applied two years after the original installation and should be re-sealed generally about every 3-5 years. For more information on sealing, please see 'Brick & Stone Maintenance'.

Snow & Ice Removal

We recommend that you do not use rock salt to de-ice your new paved surfaces. Many people do not realize that rock salt is very caustic to concrete and will damage your pavers and mortar joints between stonework. Instead, we recommend that you use a calcium chloride or magnesium chloride product to remove snow and ice from your new walkway, patio, or any other paved area.


Efforescence comes from free lime released from within the concrete units of the pavers. It is dissolved and carried by water to the surface of the paver, leaving a white residue after the water evaporates. Fortunately, it does not damage the paver and can be removed with specially made cleaners that are available through Stonescape. For more information on cleaning your stone, please see 'Brick & Stone Maintenance'.