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As the number one brick paving company that serves the Greater Detroit Metropolitan Area, Stonescape Design is a very talented brick paving company that only delivers the best in brick pavers, stone maintenance and repair services.  So you should let us show you how we rise over any other bricking paving company with our exclusive brick paving designs.  Stonescape Design is devoted to present our customers with what they having been searching for with their brick paving project and we usually exceed their expectations.  Stonescape Design is infamous for being known as a full-service brick paving company that concentrates mainly on design, materials, fabrication and installation for our customer’s hardscaping and landscaping requirements.  Remember the name Stonescape Design because we have everything you would need to end your brick paving tasks! We can guarantee that we will provide the level of customer service, craftsmanship, project design and products that go right along with your designs and plans.  That’s why the people of Bloomfield Hills understand that Stonescape Design is the brick paving company in Michigan that our customers trust, and they will return for future brick paving services!


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Bloomfield Hills, Michigan is city located in the heart of Metro Detroit’s affluent northern suburbs in Oakland County.  The city is located 20 miles northwest of downtown Detroit. Bloomfield Hills consistently ranks as one of the top five wealthiest cities in the United States. Stonescape Design provides the residents of Bloomfield Hills with the most fabulous specialized brick paving contractors in all of Detroit!  That’s why Stonescape Design is the first choice by Bloomfield Hills for any brick paving service that is needed for their outdoor living spaces. Stonescape Design is deemed the chief brick paving service in the area because we offer our services at magnificent prices and our services are top notch! Stonescape Design can make your outdoor living space look new again by applying new brick pavers.  For an astounding cost our trained brick paving contractors at Stonescape Design will make your Bloomfield Hills home look brand new with our amazing brick pavers! Stonescape Design is here to help you with any of your brick paver questions or concerns, so come on by today and let us help you!


Bloomfield Hills Brick Paving Company

The superbly trained staff at Stonescape Design has attentiveness to small details because we want our customer’s brick paving projects to be exactly what they want.  Our customers put their faith in us to get any of their brick paving job finished within their budget, regardless of their brick paving desire.  Stonescape Design’s main objective is to make sure that our customers are pleased with their brick pavers and as one of the most important brick paving companies in Michigan, we can make that happen!  Stonescape Design hard to believe brick pavers are the added extras for your garden, walkway, patio and outdoor rooms.  When you have the experts at Stonescape Design install your brick pavers, you can look forward to the brick pavers that can put up with Mother Nature and much more.  For more information or questions regarding our brick pavers or other products, give us a ring at the following number: (586) 997-1100.  We will also provide you with a free consultation when you call!


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