Project Terms & Conditions

  • Stonescape Design will do its best to accommodate the customer’s desired schedule however there may be delays due to weather, product availability, and obtainment timeliness of customer’s documents and selections. A job cannot be scheduled until there is a signed contract with associated deposit from the customer. Our initial scheduled start dates are by week of.
  • All surveys, engineering fees, permits and bonds needed to perform project and/or satisfy municipalities requirements will be the responsibility of the customer.
  • If  Stonescape Design finds any hidden objects in the area we are working, we will be entitled to charge for removal of foreign objects (example: stumps or footing underground).
  • Access to the project area is necessary to complete the project and Stonescape Design will use the most direct route from the street.
  • Stonescape Design cannot be held liable for damage to driveway and/or sidewalks, landscaping (lawns, shrubs, trees and the like), unmarked lines (sprinkler, electrical, gas, cable, invisible fence, etc.) or any non-visible/buried objects as a result of ordinary access.
  • Sprinklers will be pulled and moved out of construction way. Moving the heads to a new location and/or adjusting them is the responsibility of the customer.
  • A poured-in-place cement edge securement is standard. Customer is responsible for covering concrete edge restraint after installation. Failure to cover the restraint will void the warranty.
  • New products may not exactly match existing at the customer’s location due to weather aging and the manufacturer’s color process.
  • The standard for paver joints material is tan silica.
  • Stonescape Design cannot be responsible for bricks becoming cloudy if they were sealed previously and Stonescape Design is contracted to seal pavers without stripping existing sealer.
  • Water collection may occur after sealing which Stonescape Design is not responsible for.
  • Damage may occur. Stonescape Design is not responsible for the replacement of grass, plants, pots, furniture, paint, sprinkler heads, etc. Stonescape Design intends to leave the customer with a clean area. Stonescape Design will not be responsible for any pool or pond cleanup.
  • Stonescape Design will move patio furniture, pots and accessories on to the lawn. It is the customer’s responsibility to move this property back after work is completed.
  • If customer is concerned that certain movable property items might be damaged, it is the responsibility of the customer to remove such items from the project area prior to crew arrival.