General Contract

General Contract Terms & Conditions

  • The buyer has the right to cancel by mailing notice before midnight on the third business day after signing the agreement.
  • Stonescape Design has the right to cancel within three business days.
  • If the buyer cancels after the third business day and before work commenced, buyer agrees to pay Stonescape Design 10% of the estimate total cost excluding material and 25% for material as liquidated damages. The buyer is responsible for 100% of the material costs associated with custom orders.
  • Balance of contract is due at time of completion including any and all changes and additions during the course of installation. Failure to make any progress, installment or final payments when due shall result in a penalty fee of 10% of contracted total, plus a service charge of 1.5% per month until paid in full. Should litigation become necessary to recover any debt owing , buyer shall bear the court costs and attorney fees incurred.

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