The friendliness, warmth and professionalism of Tim Shea and both sets of work teams was highly impressive.
Posted By: A. Stamm
Workers appeared conscientious and were quite responsible in the application and clean up.
Posted By: B. Farner
Very Happy with the job your crew did.
Posted By: J. Fraylick
Sterling Hts.
I was very pleased with the promptness of the completion of my project and the care of the workers in protecting the area around which they worked. Thank you! I will refer others to you and will be a returning customer.
Posted By: L. Sheridan
[As stated through our customer survey] Very satisfied with all aspects of the job and would recommend Stonescape to a friend.
Posted By: C. Skimin
Royal Oak
The most professional service and follow up I ever saw! Thank you!!!
Posted By: K. Lipschutz
West Bloomfield

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